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Colorado Springs Military Best Home Buyers Checklist

Carrie Lukins Home Buyer's Checklist
SellState Alliance Realty
colorado Springs, CO 80920

The Hazardous Materials Inspection Report
The Soils Report
The Structural Engineer's Report
The Home Inspection Report
The Radon Inspection Report
The Termite Inspection Report
The Home Warranty Policy
The Survey or ILC (Improvement Location Certificate)
The Subdivision Plat Map
The Floor Plan Drawings
The Current Appraisal (within the last 3 months)
The Current Well Inspection Reports (within the last 3 months)
a. The Potability Report
b. The Production Report
c. The Recovery Rate Report
d. The Well Permit
e. The Well Log
The Current Septic Inspection Reports (within the last 3 months)
a. Evidence that septic tank has been pumped
b. The Septic Inspection Report
c. The Septic Permit
Subdivision Covenants
HOA Rules and Regulations
Easements or Encroachments affecting the property
Rights of Way affecting the property
Building Permits for all improvements on the property
Owner's list of all improvements done without building permits
Owner's list of all non conforming uses of the property
Flood Zone Information
Zoning and Use Information
Mining, Abandoned Mines and Subsidence Potential Information
Legal proceedings which may affect the property
a. Foreclosure Proceedings (current or anticipated)
b. Tax Liens or Filings (current or anticipated)
c. Lis Pendens (notice of legal actions to be filed)
d. Lawsuits (current or anticipated)
e. Bankruptcy (current or anticipated)
f. Divorce Proceedings or Decrees (current or anticipated)
g. Zoning or Use Changes affecting the property
h. Other
Encumbrances affecting the property
Loan Information (if assumption)
a. Lender name, address and phone number
b. Loan Number
c. Loan Balance
d. Loan Date, Rate, Term, Amount and Conditions
Monthly Utility Bills for Last 12 Months
a. Electric
b. Gas (propane, oil, etc.)
c. Water
Owner's list of all energy features
The Home Energy Efficiency Rating Report
Home Owner Association information (name, address, and phone)
Owner's list of all major repairs or improvements (including date)
Owner's list of all Warranties which are still current
Information on neighborhood organizations/amenities
Information about area schools and churches
Access to private and public transportation
Megan's Law information
Synthetic Stucco (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System)
Any additional documentation owner has about home or property
List of the best features of the home, property and area
List of the worst features and how they would affect you
Anything else that might be of interest to you

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Colorado Springs 80920 Military Real Estate Relocation VA Home Loans and Home Search Guide

Colorado Springs Military

The presence of five military installations in Colorado Springs has a great impact on the character and economy of the Pikes Peak Region. A report released in 2001 revealed that the five bases had 41,672 employees (29,218 active-duty, reserves and cadets and another 12,454 civilian employees). According to local economist Dave Bamberger, the military had the most employees of any sector in town. The next highest category is tourism, with 14,689 jobs or 12 percent of the total. "Put it this way: one out of every three people employed here is employed as a military person or as a person directly supported by defense dollars," Bamberger said. Here are brief descriptions of the five military installations in Colorado Springs; visit their web sites by clicking on the links to the left.

Fort Carson
The Mountain Outpost
Fort Carson sits on 137,000 acres just south of Colorado Springs. The fort was established in 1942 three weeks after Pearl Harbor. During World War II, Fort Carson housed prisoners of war and has since been the site for the production of several movies. Over the years, the post has grown to a military population of over 17,000 soldiers and is also served by approximately 3,400 civilian employees. Currently, it is the home of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, and the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). The mission of Ft. Carson, as in the past, has been training troops to be combat ready.

Introducing a top rated university to military training, the academy was established to be the training ground for future Air Force officers. Out of 13,000 applicants each year, only 1,500 freshmen are accepted. The beautiful grounds are situated on 18,000 acres of wooded, picturesque land north of the city. The Air Force Academy employs over 6,000 personnel (approximately 2,000 of which are civilians). The Core Values of the United States Air Force Academy are Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do. These values set the common standard for conduct across the Air Force. These values inspire trust (which provides the unbreakable bond that unifies the force). They consider their experience a knowledge born of confidence, experience and integrity: confidence that comes with surpassing one's personal best; experience in seeing personal leadership help others rise above their fears; and the integrity that lies deep in the heart of every Air Force officer. Athletics are an important part of Academy culture. The U.S. Air Force Academy wasn't named "most athletic school in the country" by Sports Illustrated without reason. By playing together, the cadets learn to work together as a team; they learn to trust and to be leaders.

Peterson Air Force Base was originally a fighter training post and civilian airport known as "Pete Field" (prior to and during WWII). Today, it is the home of the 21st Space Wing, the Air Force s only organization responsible for worldwide missile warning and space control. Team 21 serves as host unit of the Peterson Complex for four major military headquarters (North American Aerospace Defense Command, U.S. Space Command, Air Force Space Command and Army Space Command) as well as the 302nd Airlift Wing (Reserve) and many tenant units from other major commands.

North American Aerospace Defense Command
The NORAD complex is located beneath Cheyenne Mountain just southwest of Colorado Springs. "Deter, Detect, Defend." is the motto of the men and women who serve in the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Since 1958, Canadians and Americans have been partners in protecting the airspace of Alaska, Canada and the contiguous 48 United States. Staffed by all branches of the military, the mission of NORAD has evolved over the years. Aerospace warning involves the monitoring of man-made objects in space, and the detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles, utilizing mutual support arrangements with other commands. Aerospace control includes providing surveillance and control of Canadian and United States airspace.

Schriever Air Force Base, formerly Falcon Air Force Base, sits on 640 acres of former ranch land east of Colorado Springs. Schriever is commonly grouped with the other bases in the "Peterson Complex". This consists of Schriever Air Force Base, Peterson Air Force Base and Cheyenne Mountain Air Station. The Base is home to the 50th Space Wing and houses the Consolidated Space Operations Center (CSOC) and provides command and control for Department of Defense military satellites and management of the Air Force Satellite Control Network.

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Schriever Air Force Base Colorado Springs Real Estate - Homes In Banning Lewis Ranch, Claremont Ranch, Falcon North, Springs Ranch, Stetson Hills

Schriever Air Force Base is located in the East Plains of El Paso County off Highway 94, 16 miles east of Downtown Colorado Springs real estateIt is home to the 50th Space Wing, 576th Flight Test Squadron, and the Space Warfare Center among other troops.  Beginning in 1983 as Falcon Air Force Station, the operation was renamed Shriever Air Force Base in honor of the developer of the nation's ballistic missile programs, General Bernard Adolph Shriever. 

Schriever families can opt out of the city lifestyle of Colorado Springs homes by searching for homes in Falcon and Peyton real estate developments mingling with the surrounding farmlands.  Peyton homes sit in the rolling hills on the edge of the Black Forest.  New developments in the country feature large lots ranging from five to 40 acres and lower price tags.  

In addition, homebuyers from Schriever Air Force Base can commute to homes in the Powers corridor, which include Stetson Hlls and Springs Ranch, Fountain Valley homes, to homes in Claremont Ranch near Peterson Air Force Base or to Woodmen Hills and Meridian Ranch, which are further north. 

Many different school districts serve the students living in these areas, including Peyton and Falcon, Widefield, Fountain Fort Carson, and Colorado Springs school districts. 

Featured neighborhoods in the Schriever AFB area - Single Family Properties
Banning Lewis RanchClaremont RanchFalcon NorthSprings RanchStetson Hills

Contact Carrie Lukins, of SellState Alliance Realty at (719) 651-2199 or to learn how an experienced Colorado Springs Realtor can help you achieve your lifetime goals.  In appreciation for those who serve our nation, Carrie offers incentives for active and retired military.  

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Veterans Day Tribute Colorado - Watch This Amazing video

Watch This Colorado Veterans Day Tribute - Real Tear Jerker

{Watch This Video} - Fighting back tears..Veterans Day Tribute. Honoring those that 
serve/have served our country protecting our freedom and way of life, and others as well. 
Thank you for your sacrifice!

I hope you enjoyed the video!
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